IRS2092 IRFB23N15D Class D Amplifier Mono 700W Audio Digital Power Amplifier Board

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Electrolytic capacitor signal main loop ELNA, NXB Brand, the main filter capacitor using Japan Chemical Capacity 4700uF/80V * 4, Using25*2 (50A) Flat bridge rectifier, ensure strong support for a steady stream of power.

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Resistor selection of rings metal resistance , the main circuit employs a precision± 1%The rings of metal film resistors, ensure the machine a good signal to noise ratio.

PCB Use 1.6mm Thick double-sided sheet, 2.0Oz copper thickness, HASL whole process to ensure that the size of the current through the good performance. Class PCB Quality.

Use 20A High current shielded inductors, to ensure crisp and powerful sound.

Special Currently advanced UPC1237 Speaker protection circuit, 30A relay control, effective control of the boot impact sound, Make your speakers more secure.

The entire circuit board trace layout are very strict and reasonable, overall PCB Traces using a little grounding. The amplifier board is stable and reliable output power; beautiful mellow sound, open sound field. Dimensional sense of strong, powerful low-frequency sound calm, very good signal to noise ratio, wide dynamic range; details clear, excellent transient response, playing all kinds of music were afloat in the family environment is very good playback performance.

Technical index
Voltage Range: AC Dual 20V-50V ( rectified voltage ± 28V-70V), pay attention to when AC voltage is 35V or less, R6 R7 switch 2KΩ/3W resistance.
AC 48-53V, R6 R7 resistor switch 4.7KΩ/3W (Delivery default voltage of 40-45V, R6 R7 is 3.9K)

Maximum output power: 350W/8Ω AC Double 53V Power, Distortion< 0.1% 700W/4Ω AC Double 53V Power, Distortion< 0.1%

Voltage magnification: 36 Times (positive phase to enlarge)

Input sensitivity: 1.6V (Rms)

Input impedance: 14KΩ

Frequency response: 0-50KHz ± 1dB 10W/8Ω

Residual noise voltage: 200uV

Dynamic Range: > 100dB