100A 5-60V Digital DC Power Meter

New product

Designed to work in conjunction with the N 2081 data collection unit as part of a solar charging monitoring system. 
The 2 x 16 character dot matrix LCD display gives constant real-time display of voltage, current and power. 
Up to 1500 sets of data can be saved for later retrieval. 
Operates on dc 5-60V.

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  • Measurement parameters
  • Current range: 0-100A continuous
  • Voltage range: 5-60V
  • Resolution: 0.01V, 0.02A
  • Scrolling display of parameters
  • Ampere hour (AH): Max recorded AH: 99,999AH
  • Resolution of AH: 0.01AH for a total recorded AH <1000AH
  • 0.1AH for total recorded AH between 1000AH and 10,000AH
  • 1AH for total recorded AH >10,000AH
  • Power Watt (Wp): 0-10000W, 0.1W resolution
  • Energy kilowatt Hour (KWH): 0-9999.9KWH, 0.1WH resolution
  • Accumulative Max. Operation period logged: 75Hrs
  • Operation voltage and current: 5-60V, 12mA