6-CH Stereo Audio Amps Board Bass100*1W 50W*5 FBI + Independent Tone Adjustment + Bass Adjustment

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Currently on the market of low-end AV receiver or amplifier boards are cheap low -power digital board or TDA2030A a class of program elements , and cinema to create momentum and effectiveness stray very far, this product TPA3116 to four high-power core . The IC then under DC24V, 4 European 100W*1 + 50W*5 power reached its maximum but generally do not use , it is recommended in the range of 12-20V

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The chassis will be supporting the recent launch , the product is finished boards , electrical connection can be used , the high cost.

TPA3116 Bridging is a connected load (BTL) Class D audio amplifier chip , using a single power supply , with small size, high efficiency , high power characteristics.TPA3116Chip with a reasonable layout of our fine board , as well as with a variety of high-quality components , such as : custom digital amplifier dedicated high-current inductors , Philips , VISHAY, SANYO high-frequency high-temperature low-impedance capacitor fever , original SMD chip devices , etc. . This amplifier board circuit is simple , reliable work. Supply voltage 15V-25V (Do not exceed 24V voltage proposal) , Heat a small , efficiency can reach 90 %. You can use switching power supply, also suitable for battery or battery-powered portable electronic products.TPA3116Compact amplifier board , use, and are very flexible and easy to install , use genuine components using all devices capable of long-term stability.

Input voltage : DC24V 6A-12A
Output power amplifier board : 250w ( per channel power 50W)
Subwoofer Power : 100W

Purchase Power adapter: High power 300W 24v 12.5A amplifier power adapter Jack 5.5*2.5mm/compatible jack 5.5mm*2.1mm

There are five board potentiometer to adjust the volume on each channel , respectively FCH ( left and right front channel adjustment ) CEN CH ( in the homeChannel adjustment) SCH (( Left and right surround channels adjustable ) SB CH ( subwoofer adjustment )

That maximum is 6-channel potentiometer ganged potentiometer, very easy to use

HIFI level is based on the use of materials with all output sampling of the most expensive red ring series inductance and capacitance of imports

Dimensions 166*92mm