1000W Amplifier Board Mono Audio IRFP4227 High Power 2-ohm Cooling

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The HIFI digital power amplifier after repeated long-term debugging engineers to improve the development of thousands of W Class HIFI Class D amplifier board, the whole board with AVX tantalum capacitors, ELNA blue robe Promise audio capacitors, high-frequency capacitors and other imported high-end components, mellow, bass Elastic and powerful, 

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1. This board is the Full frequency Purpower amplifier, if want to used as a subwoofer, Need Add pre-amplifier low-pass filter,
2. The board is Dual DC Voltage Power Supply, the car battery can not be used for a single power supply, Need to add car amplifier boost power supply;
Use the US IR tube IRFP4227 and IRS2092S design, Rated effective power of 1000W, You can push the market all the power speakers 2-8OHM is not a problem, on-board intelligent temperature control fan, both energy-saving cooling can be reduced Noise, all imported components plus SMT technology, work fine, small distortion, stable and reliable performance
The main technical parameters:
01. Supply voltage: Dual DC power ± 58 --- ± 75V
02. Rated output power: 1000W (± 70V power supply 2 ohm load, distortion 10%)
03. Efficiency:> = 90%
04. Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
05. Total harmonic distortion:
                     900W (± 70 power supply 2OHM speakers, distortion <1%)
                      750W (± 70 power supply 2 OHM speakers, distortion <0.1%)
06. Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
07. Speaker: 2-8Ω
Voltage magnification: 36 times
08. Input sensitivity 1.5V (RMS)
09. Output short circuit protection: yes
10. Output DC bias protection that horn protection: Yes
11. Over-temperature protection: Yes, heatsink FET temperature is higher than 100 ° C, turn off the output!
12. Power amplifier board size: length x width x height = 132x68x45mm
13. Weight: 260gr
The use of precautions:
1. Rated supply voltage for the Dual power ± 65V, Voltage ± 58 --- ± 75V can work (if it is power frequency transformer, the voltage fluctuations left margin, the power supply is 3 power lines, the positive and negative power supply Do not mistake the wrong board to burn out
2. Power supply recommended DC dual power ± 65V filter better power supply
3. Speakers Recommended 10-25 inch 2 -8 OHMspeakers
4. Although audio output short-circuit protection, but try not to short circuit
5. Please check carefully before the power to ensure that the correct wiring can be energized.
7. This board voltage magnification is fixed at 40 times, if the output power is not enough, depending on the circumstances plus its own pre-amplification.