HDAM Circuit Class A Power Amplifier HiFi Stereo 2.0 Channel 120W+120W

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Package Includes:
1* Finished power amplifier
1* Power cord

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The circuit uses the classic field effect input Marantz HDAM circuit, the vocals are sweet, the low frequency is full, and the overtone is very good.
Amersen gold-sealed MJ15024 15025 transistor, gorgeous sound, the sound performance is quite comprehensive and the level dynamic is very excellent.
All aluminum alloy panel shell, laser engraved font, no rust, no deformation.
3-way lossless signal input, very convenient without manually plugging and unplugging the audio signal.
250W high-power oxygen-free copper toroidal transformer, powerful driving force.
The DC protection system automatically detects the internal line condition of the machine and automatically disconnects the circuit and the speaker to ensure that the speaker is always in a safe state.
The imitation impact delay system prevents the speaker from being shocked at the moment of booting, and removes the humming sound generated by the boot.
Temperature overheat protection system can automatically reduce current and reduce output when temperature exceeds safe range, protect the safety of the whole machine.

High-grade materials

Japan ALPS16 potentiometer, high precision, good hand feel and long life.
American CMC816 24K gold-plated RCA input terminal, reliable contact, anti-oxidation.
Pure copper crystal wiring horn, ensure safe large output current
Japan Anjia Naimei oxygen-free copper signal line, high transmission purity, pure sound quality
A large number of Japan ELNA-AUDIO capacitors are used, the sound is sweet and natural, and the level of analytical power is very good.
The input stage uses FET, loose, delicate and charming, with a sense of air
Japan's Omron relay protection circuit allows both amplifiers and speakers to work safely at all times.

Rated Power: 80W + 80W (8 ohms) / 120W+120W(4 ohm)
Input voltage :110V/220V/240V (optional)
Frequency response: 10 Hz-45 KHz(+/- 3dB)
Harmonic distortion: ≤ 0.008% / 1KHZ 1W
Load Impedance: 2-8 ohms
SNR: 93dB
Input Impedance / Sensitivity: 47K Ohms / 220MV
Input Audio: 3 groups of RCA
Output Audio: Banana Speaker Jacks
Package Weight: about 6 kg
Dimensions: (W)300 * (D)211 *(H) 80 mm