100W 2SC5200+2SA1943 Audio Amplifier Board HIFI Mono Channel Amplifier Dual DC35V Speaker Home Theater DIY

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Toshiba's 2SC5200+2SA1943 pure post-stage mono 100W finished product

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1. The noise of the switch is small and will not have too much impact on the speaker. It is recommended to add a horn protection circuit. The horn protection circuit can not only eliminate the impact noise of the power amplifier switch machine, but also avoid the output DC burning the horn when the power amplifier is damaged.
2. The bottom noise is small. Zero floating small, do not need to do any debugging after installation, the output zero drift voltage will generally not exceed 50mv, and is relatively stable.
3. Free debugging. As long as the connection is correct, no one is wrong, basically it is a success, no need to do any debugging, beginners also have a very high success rate.

1.2SC5200 + ZSA1943 are disassemble parts,but in good condition.
2.The PCB board has change to black, but the function is same.

Product parameters:
Power tube: 2SC5200+2SA1943 (disassemble)
Operating voltage: ± 10V to ± 45V (recommended voltage (+35V) -0-(-35V))
Rated output power:100W (4Ohm ±35V)
Maximum output power: 150W (4Ohm ± 45V) is very hot, not recommended.
Size: 80*50*38MM
Input and output nest spacing: 5.08mm
Hole distance between two tubes: 47MM