LM1876 Audio Amplifier Kits 30W*2 HiFi Dual Channel Stereo Power Amplificador Diy Kit Sound System Speaker Home Theater

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1PC LM1876TF Amplifier Audio Board Diy Kit

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Product description:
1. The amplifier board is diy kit that needs to be soldered by itself.
2. LM1876TF chip is disassembled or stocked chip, working well!

LM1876 is a high-fidelity two-channel audio amplifier chip produced by National Semiconductor. The operating voltage range of the integrated circuit is AC dual 12V-double 21V, and the continuous average output power (8Ω load) is 30 W per channel. Total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) is only 0.112% when the continuous power is 30WX2; the signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 102dB, the driving force is strong, the sound quality is fine, and the sound is good, it is much more comfortable than the digital attack and release, and the low frequency dive is also good. well.

* Optimized circuit architecture with a good official version, the sound is very delicate and sound resistant, and the midpoint is extremely stable
* Double-sided gold-plated military PCB, good electrical conductivity, not easy to oxidize
*The output adds red pentoxide inductor to eliminate interference clutter, and the sound quality is purer and more natural.
*Japan Omron protection circuit, more assured
* Fully advanced component configuration Resistance Taiwan 1% precision copper foot resistance.
* High-speed Japanese chemical black diamond capacitor array, total capacity 13000UF, chemical black diamond blue series is very good, low frequency bounce is very good

Product parameters:
Working voltage: AC12X2 to AC22X2 Recommended dual AC15-20V
PCB size: 98X57MM
Maximum height: 40MM