35A Rectifier filter Board 10000uf/50V AC to DC Audio Amplifier Supply Power Board Diy Kits

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Product description:
The product is diy kit, it need you soldering by yourself.
Working voltage: three lines of AC <35V
Operating current: 35A
Capacitance: 4 (NOVER)10000uf/50V capacitor (The black pin is the negative electrode and can provide double-35V transformer rectifier filter)
PCB size(L*W): 100*56MM, it can install 4 diameters of 30mm or 2 capacitors with 35mm diameter at the same time.
High-current input and output terminals, Sweden EVOX film fever capacitor, can be used with the LM3886 and TDA7293 2.1-channel amplifier board can also be used for other power amplifiers.

1.This section power board is only a simple rectifier filter board, does not have a voltage regulator function.
2.The product needs to have a certain capacity of the buyer's electronic basis.