2*L20 SE Audio Amplifier Board TOSHIBA A1943 C5200 Dual Channels Amplifier Board

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2PC L20 SE Audio Amplifier Board

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Product description:
The L20SE is the L20 simplified amplifier.
As L20SE is a simplified version, so do not use the same PCB technology with the L20, L20SE uses a standard PCB technology, 1.6MM 1 OZ material.
Has excellent excellent control, ultra-low distortion, wide voltage support range. High-power high-current output load.
2 pairs per channel TOSHIBA A1943 C5200, current load up to 20A.
Wide range of voltage support, can be installed on any two pairs of channels, four pairs of high-power tube. 2 pairs of high-power tubes per channel.

Product Parameter :
Power :200W8R 350W4R DC + /- 65V
Power supply range DC + /-15V to DC + /-65V .
Recommended Transformer: DC double voltage 15V to double 40V transformer 200VA.
THD = (0.001% -0.002% 20HZ-20KHZ) 10W RMS 8 OHM
SR = 35V / US
Noise: 92DBU
EIN = 114 DB
Frequency response: 10HZ - 25KHZ + - 0.02 DB
Voltage gain: 34 times.
Power tube quiescent current of about 20MA a tube.

All resistors are used precision copper pin 1% precision resistors, including the output of high-power resistors are used high-precision.
All capacitors are imported original
Japan imported capacitors. ULTRA LOW ESR
All small signal transistors are used original ONSEMI TOSHIBA transistor.
Promote tube and high-power tube using TOSHIBA TTA1943 TTC5200
And Toshiba A1930 C5171 audio special imported original transistor.
2pcs boards, one board one channel. L20 must use the original transistor, shall not be free to replace other brand models.