LM4610N Tone Volume Control Board OP AMP OP275 Preamp Preamplifier Volume EQ Control LF353 LM317 LM337 Servo Power Supply

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Using the LM4610 tone chip, use the fever level op amp chip OP275 to do the preamplifier (the effect is not comparable to an ordinary op amp chip like the NE5532).

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The power supply is LF353+lm317+lm337 servo power supply, uses 4 imported products 3300uf/25v large-capacity capacitor filter, all signal coupling capacitors use imported non-polarity fever capacitor. The preamplifier circuit is designed with reference to the ‘music fax’ A1 circuit.

The board has a volume-balanced-treble-bass--3D surround (3D-adjustable potentiometer with its own switch to turn the 3D surround function on and off).

Operating voltage: DC dual 12-24V
                            AC dual 9-16V
Board size: 100mm*75mm
Potentiometer spacing: 22mm (red version)
Potentiometer fixed version: selected red
Potentiometer discrete version: selected other

Note: There are 4 potentiometers in a separate version of the potentiometer. They are put together in a row. You can turn them back on your own.

R15, R19 two resistors are R, L channel pre-amplification adjustment resistor, can be adjusted according to actual needs (the default is 5 times the amplification, the resistance is 33k, the greater the resistance, the higher the magnification, the resistance can be from Choose between 10k-56k, note: the board's amplification resistor is patch, you can use 0603's patch resistor change, if you think that the patch is not good welding, you can remove the two patches with a straight-for- - Pads with plugs on both sides of the resistor location.

The voltage on the board has been debugged before shipment, do not need to adjust the adjustable resistance of the two positive and negative power supply, if you really need to adjust, it is necessary to pull the two op-amp chips first (to avoid the regulation voltage Asymmetrically damaged op amps).

Current Sound (Interference): The tone board power supply must be powered by an independent transformer (no good power supply, effect. Low noise can not be talked about) In the installation, the 3D potentiometer axis must be strictly grounded (volume. Treble. Bass. The balance potentiometer can not be grounded, because it is DC-controlled, there will be no interference), otherwise there will be interference. Potentiometer adjustment out of control or function is not normal: In most cases, the potentiometer is mounted on the metal panel, and the short circuit is caused by some reasons (the 4610 is DC controlled, the control voltage is shorted, and the function must be out of control). In response to this problem, all five potentiometers must be removed from the panel and the cause of the short circuit with the panel.