TDA8954TH Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Board 420W High Power Class AD AMP Amplificador Dual AC24V

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TDA8954TH Mono Digital Audio Amplifier Board 420W

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Product description:
Power amplifier board using TDA8954TH chip, with N-vidia industrial fan, the voltage part of the original Ruby capacitors.
After the pure design to driver more than 10-inch 300W stage speakers! As this is a class A AD class design has both the warmth of class A, there are class D high efficiency, so work with almost no heat!

Product parameter:
Product Name: Digital Audio Amplifier Board
Amplifier chip:TDA8954TH
Input voltage: Dual AC24V±4V
Input current:> 5A & 300VA
Input impedance: 1KΩ
Input signal: 1.8V
Number of channels: mono
Magnification: 33
Output power: 420W
Output impedance: 4-8Ω
Working Type: AD class
Size: 110 * 102 * 30MM
Weight: about 245g

1. The product must be used to supply dual-output toroidal transformer, the output is 3 wires. DC power supply can not be used. Transformer output to 24V200W above, the maximum voltage can not exceed 28V, otherwise it may damage the board.
2 Audio input can be 3 lines or 2 lines, but in the middle of the ground must be connected.
3. The output of the speaker as large as possible, the recommended 8 ohms, also can use 4 ohms.
4. This section is a purely post-class, plus the tone board is better, but after adding tone board, the tone board power and power amplifier board power must to separate . can not be shared, otherwise there will be noise!