100W*2 Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Amplifier Board HIFI 2.0 Channel TPA3116 Digital Amplifier Sound System Speaker Home Theater

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Product description:
1. Using original TPA3116*2
2. With 4.2 Bluetooth chip, the signal is more stable.
3. The power supply filter capacitor uses five 470UF/25V electrolytic capacitors.
4. Use the special function of discharge of red and gray ring to ensure the sound is crisp and powerful.
5. Input method: analog and Bluetooth input function. When the two modes are input at the same time, the Bluetooth input is prioritized, after the Bluetooth connection,

Automatically disconnect the RCA input; when the analog input is required, please turn off the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone to switch.

Basic parameters:
1. Working method: Class D
2. Quiescent current: 50mA
3. Work efficiency: 90%
4. Output power: 2*100W
5. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
6. Working voltage: DC18V to DC24V
7. Current: ≥ 4A
8. Size: 140*90*43mm (without antenna height)