6N3 Vacuum Tube Pre-amplifier Bluetooth 5.0 HiFi USB-PC Decoder AUX Preamp With Treble&Bass Control

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Various audio input: can be connect to PC directly as a high-grade USB external sound card, and can be wired to CD player, lossless audio source, and can wirelessly connect to smart phone by Bluetooth, very convenient.

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Excellent sound quality: using classic 6N3 tube, warm and charming tone, very balanced, clear and delicate sound, dynamically
With Treble and Bass Function: users can adjust freely according to different parameters of their own speaker device to achieve ideal HiFi sound quality.

High-end Material:
Bluetooth 5.0 module using QCC3003 chip supporting A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, AAC, 12S and so on. 16M SPI FLASH storage chip, lossless decoding transmission with farther distance, more stable speed.
Bluetooth decoding using the latest US ES9023, Hyperstream architecture and time-domain jitter cancellation technology enable jitter-free recording quality with a dynamic range of 112 decibels.
USB sound card using BB PCM2704, the sound quality output is warm and the sound field is open.

Audio Input: USB-PC / 3.5mm Stereo / Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
Audio Output: RCA
Power Supply: DC 12V (adapter is equipped and global universal)
Bluetooth Chip: QCC3003+ES9023
USB Chip: US BB PCM2704
PCM2704 Parameters
Distortion: THD + N: 0.006% (RL > 10kΩ)
Distortion: THD + N: 0.025% (RL = 32Ω)
SNR: 99 decibels
Dynamic range: 99 dB
Support sampling rate: 16Bit 32k, 44.1k, 48k
Dimensions: 138*116*32mm
Packing List
1* HiFi Tube Pre-amplifier
1* Power Supply
2* 6N3 Tube
1* Bluetooth Antenna
1* USB Cable

Common reasons for background noise:
1. Audio cables are with poor quality.
2. Audio source. If the source itself has noise, the pre-amplifier will amplify its noise.
3. The tube is not plugged into the base correctly.

1.The vacuum tube needs 5-7 seconds to warm up.
2.Choose audio input by hand. Clockwise rotation to switch different kinds of input signal, the order is Bluetooth→USB-PC→AUX