MJE15024 MJE15025 Class A Amps Audio Power Output 300W

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Amplifier Type: Class A amplifier. All aluminum alloy shell, speaker protection circuit, to ensure that expensive speakers from any damage.

Input voltage: 110/230V/50Hz

Output power: 200+200W

Advantages: Using a class MJE15024 & MJE15025 Gold sealed tube amplifier, A rare high a class power amplifier output reached 250+250W 8-ohm, warm and charming, is the most flavor of pure Class A amplifier sound, not now what digital technology can be replaced, Treble mellow, wide dynamic bass, delicate and charming, and full of air. Output stage with gold sealed tube MJE15024 MJE15025, sound very expensive gas, gorgeous, dynamic and low-frequency full sound

1. Filter is integrated into the amplifier board,make the primary current shortest transmission distance,reduce the loss.
2. Output capacitance blocking, avoid the loss of relay protection
3. Gold seal tube is stop product,Machine match from the good board removed pipe pass strict test, the rest of the original are all brand new.
4. Dimensions: height 80mm width 300mm depth 211mm (packaging about 7Kg)

Luxury materials:
The main transistor: gold seal MJE15024 MJE15025*2
Amplifier transistor: gold seal voltage amp * 4
Transformer: 30V Pure copper
Filter capacitor: the total capacity of 10000UF NIC
Potentiometer: ALPS 27 type

Amplifier parameters:
Output power: 250+250W (4-ohms)
Frequency response: 15Hz-50KHz
Harmonic distortion: less than or equal to 0.005% 20W/1KHz
Load impedance: 2-16ohms
Signal to noise ratio: 105dB
Input Impedance / Sensitivity: 47Kohms/ 220mV
Input method: RCA 3 groups of audio input, the knob can select each group of audio input
Power supply: AC220V / 50-60HZ
Net weight: about 6.5KG
Size: 300mm wide 80mm high 211mm deep

Receipt Listing :
MJE15024 MJE15025 Class A amplifier
Power Cord
RCA audio cable